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Dear High School Basketball Coaches and Athletic Directors,

It has been brought to my attention that the perception out there from coaches, as well as, athletic directors is that if you do not pay your coaches’ dues, your players are not eligible to make an all-state team. This is not entirely the case. However, the current bylaws do state that a player would lose 5 points if his/her coach has not paid his/her dues.
(I plan to open for discussion the wording of this bylaw at the spring conference).

The fact of the matter is that your $45.00 dues go a lot further than just an all-state vote. I just want to take a minute of your time to outline what your dues cover and what you get for a yearly fee of $45.00.

Each Member of our association will be eligible to receive or participate in:

  • Coach of the Year Awards (Head Varsity Coaches)
  • Century Plaque Awards (Head Varsity Coaches)
  • Hall of Fame: Opportunity to be inducted into the NHBCO Hall of Fame
    • Each recipient receives a Hall of Fame Ring
    • Banquet in their honor
  • Savings on NHBCO Fall Coaches Clinic
    • Coaches who attend receive free gear, coaches’ materials and resources
    • College coaches demos and presentations
    • Referee rules interpretation
  • Free entrance to the Hospitality Room at Senior All-Star Games
  • Voting for Coaches of the Year Awards
  • Voting for Mr. and Miss Basketball Awards
  • Access to “Members Only” areas on the https://nh.nhsbca.org/ website
    • Ability to nominate and vote for players for All-State teams on website
    • Coaching resource pages
    • White board (a drawing tool to develop playbooks)
    • Coaching jobs and Scrimmages wanted
    • Summer leagues and camps
  • Newsletters or emails from Division reps
  • Coaches vs Cancer Programs
  • Having a voice in the concerns of coaches
  • Opportunity to join committees, class reps, executive board

Your High School Varsity Players are Eligible for:

  • Mr. and Miss Basketball Award
  • Jack Ford Award for the outstanding junior or senior student-athlete in each division and gender
  • Academic All-State Teams (Boys & Girls)
  • NHBCO All-State Teams:  1st, 2nd, honorable mention awards
  • Defensive Player of the Year 
  • 3 point shooting awards at Senior All-Star Game (Boys & Girls)
  • Most Valuable Player Award at Senior All-Star Game (Boys & girls)
  • Top 96 Senior Athletes to participate in the 4 Senior All-Star games
    • Each player receives a jersey or shooting shirt

Other expenditures:

  • Website, programs, webmaster

  • Rental for Senior games, includes space and staff

  • Insurance for gym rentals 

  • Awards, trophies and plaques

  • National High School Basketball Coaches Association dues

  • Coaches clinic payment for guest speakers

Please realize that this association is self-funded and members of committees and the executive board are volunteers working to recognize and support NH High School basketball. The advantages for both athletes and coaches outlined above are driven solely by coaches who do pay their yearly membership dues.

David Chase
NHBCO President

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Membership also gets you into Fall coaches clinic FREE! 

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Membership also gets you into Fall coaches clinic FREE! 

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