New Hampshire Basketball Coaches Organization

President: David Chase - Tim LaTorra: Vice President - Cassie Turcotte: Treasurer - Jamie Hayes: Secretary

Who We Are

The purpose of the Organization is to promote and develop basketball in the state of New Hampshire. The organization invests in the professional growth and development of basketball coaches. The Organization helps provide greater opportunities and recognition for student basketball players in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Basketball Coaches Organization website  is a free service from NHBCO. You do not have to be a current varsity coach or NHBCO member to join the site.

Non-members are able to view Events and News, Recognition (i.e. state champions, all-state, etc.), and Local Tournaments & Scrimmages Pages.


Membership Benefits:

  1. Coaches Area – The coach’s area contains important information that a varsity coach needs to feel connected as a coach.
    1. Division Reps are listed in the upper right-hand corner of the Home Page. The people listed here are volunteers from your division that can help answer NHBCO specific questions that you might have. They will be the ones to help coordinate important activities that occur throughout the season, such as, nomination and voting for Player of the Year, All-State, Coach of the Year, and Defensive Player of the Year. We are always looking for volunteers in this space so please think about being a rep in the near future – it will help you foster relationships and it will ensure you get a full understanding of all the great things that NHBCO does for coaches of New Hampshire
    2. Important dates – throughout the season, it’s very easy to get caught up in doing your primary job as a varsity coach – developing players, teams and looking to win games along the way. There are some critical dates throughout the season that are listed in the coach’s area that you should note. We do send communications throughout the year and your division rep will help with communication, as well, but the important dates are there as a guide for you.
    3. Division Coaches database – this is probably one of the most important resources for you as a coach. This database opens the door for you to communicate with coaches throughout the state. This helps with setting up scrimmages and holiday tournaments, and getting or providing scouting reports. Also, this helps build great mentor relationships throughout the state and, in general, allows you to get to know others who share your love of coaching.
  2. Development – Part of our mission at the NHBCO is around the development of coaches. We are super competitive when we’re on the court, but we’re also a team when it comes to NH Basketball. The better we are as individual coaches, and the more we push one another to get better, will make the product we put on the floor night in and night out more competitive. The Development area contains information you’ll need to help further your overall education. Specifically pay attention to NHIAA Coaches Corner and NFHS which both have REQUIRED training that you need to do as a high school coach.

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